Mantas Lilis

Service Design, Design Research, Experience Prototyping

Udsigt - Network Of Community Spaces

Year: 2018
Project Type: Educational
Institution: CIID


︎ CIID | Interaction Design Programme’18

Project: Udsigt
Role: Service Designer
Team: Jing Yu, Fahmida Azad, Alex Penman, Julius Ingemann Breitenstein 

Udsigt is the result of 3-weeks long Service Design workshop at CIID. The objective of the workshop was to explore and try out tools and methods service designers are using in their practice. 

The Background

Climate migration in the near future will not only affect those who have to uproot from their homes to seek more habitable places, but also those communities who will witness demographic shifts with incoming populations. Our research and service project probed into how this reality may affect Copenhagen.

Special thanks to project leads Francesca Desmarais and Eilidh Dickson

The concept

Udsigt is a service designed to reduce the risk of migrants feeling emotionally paralyzed in the Danish system as they go through the process of obtaining legal status. Udsigt connects them to new community spaces and businesses through personalized volunteer opportunities so that they feel like they are contributing members of society. In Danish, the word Udsigt means “outlook” or “view”, and we envisioned expanding networks of people - both for those who come to Copenhagen as migrants as well as those who have been living in Copenhagen for a long time.  

The service places particular attention to ensuring people are paired with an opportunity that truly makes the newcomers feel that they are valued. The service plays a critical role in shifting public perception of newcomers to the city as refugees and migrants.

How Does Udsigt Work?

People interested in the service sign up to be a part of Udsigt either online or through a physical form. They indicate not only their skills, interests, hobbies but are also encouraged to share more nuanced information about their personality and lifestyle. They are then paired with a partnering community space. The volunteer receives a warm invitation that informs them about the community space and orients them towards what to expect.

Complete User Journey

Experience Prototyping

We prototyped the experience of a person signing up for the service, being matched with a local organization and showing up to volunteer on their first day. In our prototype, our volunteer had not been to the host organization before, so we were able to gather insights about the matching process, receiving a personalized invitation and working experience in a new space.


Artifacts For Experience Prototyping

Paper version of sign up form for the service

A website for signing up online for the service

Stickers used to recognise each other at the location


We conducted in-depth interviews as well as intercept interviews in Copenhagen to gather our initial insights. Our personas and service blueprint informed our key touch-points and user steps in the service. We also connected with several local organizations and community spaces and conducted co-creation sessions with tools to help us understand how they go about working with volunteers.
Intercept interviews conducted in streets of Copenhagen

In-depth interviews 

Synthesis of gathered information and team alignment

In-depth interviews combined with co-creation sessions

Tools for co-creation sessions
Iterations of Udsigt service blueprint


Fahmida Azad

Julius Ingemann Breitenstein

Jing Yu

Alex Penman

Mantas Lilis