Mantas Lilis

Immersive Experiences, Mixed Reality, Unity

Spacepainter - Navigating Virtual Public Space

Year: 2018/2019
Project Type: Research
Institution: CIID

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Project: Spacepainter
Role: Interaction Designer
Team: Ubaldo Andrea Desiato, Federico Peliti, Anna Smeragliuolo

The beginning of Spacepainter project was during 2-week Immersive Experiences workshop at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) facilitated by James Tichenor and Joshua Walton. The goal of the workshop was to familiarize with the field of AR/MR, understand the current state of technology and its potential, and explore different possibilities to prototype experiences in mixed reality.

Virtual public spaces

The motivation behind Spacepainter was to imagine how public spaces would look in a world where we are exposed to Mixed Realities (MR) as a ubiquitous medium.

The concept was born of a broad exploration of the medium of MR itself. The current state of MR is that we have content providers and content consumers. We wanted somehow to merge those two into one, to provide more agency for users in this field.

A major source of inspiration for Spacepainter was Pasquino, a 400 year-old talking statue in Rome.  A talking statue is a platform for anonymous political expression — where people bring their messages in a written or printed form and leave them there for others to read. The location becomes a particular place to share private opinions. Could virtual environments possibly become a new medium for that kind of interaction?

We were inspired to think how a location-specific digital layer of anchored virtual artifacts might become a part of public spaces in the city. Will we be able to contribute as citizens and leave our own opinions in the public space?

We wanted to explore the ways we can construct physical spaces to inspire and enhance the experience of digital creation.

The prototype


The team

Ubaldo Andrea Desiato
Federico Peliti

Anna Smeragliuolo

Mantas Lilis