Mantas Lilis

Interaction/Service Design, Communication Design

Farm 45 - Sustainable Farming Practices


︎ Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design | Innovation Studio

Project: Farm45
Role: Interaction/Service Designer
Team: Raph Katz, Carl Alviani

Farm45 is a global initiative, working to make small- and medium-sized farms more biodiverse, more resilient, and more sustainable. The organization aims to create a community of forward-thinking farmers and share knowledge, experience, and data, using data-driven farming techniques that increase yields while embracing biodiversity.


The project

We were working together with Farm 45 team through the initial stage of the project. Our role was to understand and define the initiative using facilitation and design methods. Our approach was to divide the project into several parts - learn as much as we can from the stakeholders at the organization, conduct the research and generate insights on our audience, and finally produce internal and external communication tools to kick-off the initiative globally.

An overview of our design process:

︎ We facilitated several workshops with the internal team to unpack the ideas they already had and align the expectations from both sides.
︎ We conducted qualitative stakeholder research in different countries to identify region-specific insights, pain points, and needs of our potential user groups.

︎ We produced sacrificial service concepts to inspire the discussion and provoke decisions needed to continue the process.

︎ We created a few internal communication tools - a brand book and comm guidelines. These artifacts help to align the team and ease the onboarding of new members.

︎ We designed the website to be the first touchpoint with our audience. It invites potential partners to join the initiative and communicates its values, mission, and vision.

︎ We created two videos for the the website to communicate the company’s vision and explain the sustainable farming technique used in pilot farms around the world.

Next steps

The goal of this design cycle was to bring an abstract idea to life. Newly created assets help communicate the vision and create the interface with the industry to gather feedback and attract talent. The current method - Synecoculture is a promising and sustainable alternative to monoculture farming. The challenge, though, is to figure out ways to create the self-sustaining infrastructure around it. That could be the next step for an organization - to prototype different service models and identify the role the initiative has in the system.