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Edible Internet


︎ Swallow Twice

Project: Edible Internet
Team: Anna Smeragliuolo, Yuxi Liu

Edible Internet is an experiment about control, ownership, and transparency of personal data. We give people location-tracking vitamins that share their location on a map with other vitamin-taking strangers. This way people can practice sharing their data in a controlled environment so they feel more prepared to share it in a post-privacy future.

Edible Internet is an experience designed for festivals, meetups, or smaller gatherings. It can be used as a prompt to provoke discussions about surveillance, collective ownership of data, digital intimacy.

︎ Events where the experiment was presented:

Ars Electronica’19 - an annual festival of art, technology, and society in Linz, Austria.
Speculative Futures LA meetup in Los Angeles, California.

The experience

  1. Receive your pills from a licensed post-privacy specialist.
  2. Activate your pills by scanning the package.
  3. Select your preferred strength.
  4. Consume entire contents of the package.
  5. Build your post-privacy confidence with the support (and location) of people like you.

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